All consulting services are based on a holistic assessment of a school's global programming through the lens of a set of global education standards developed by the Global Education Benchmark Group.

There are five standards. Each standard is defined by a set of specific indicators that determine compliance. 

STANDARD 1:  VISION AND PURPOSE - The School establishes a shared vision and definition for global learning

 STANDARD 2:  GOVERNANCE & LEADERSHIP - The school provides the leadership and organizational and financial support to promote the active development global learning

 STANDARD 3: TEACHING AND LEARNING (Curricular & Co-curricular) - The school provides a global curriculum and instructional methods based on research and best practices that facilitate all students in gaining global knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences.

 STANDARD 4:  STAKEHOLDER AND COMMUNICATION RELATIONSHIPS - The school establishes a consistent and comprehensive method to communicate and promote the school’s global learning program with all appropriate stakeholders.

STANDARD 5:  RISK MANAGEMENT - The School establishes, implements and monitors risk management policies based on research and best practices as they apply to global co-curricular activities


1. Guided Standards-Based Self-Assessment. I will provide a detailed set of questions and suggestion designed to facilitate your self-study of your program through the lens of the GEBG Global Standards.

2. Consultation Support. During the self-study process I will be available for consultation via email and/or Skype for a period of three months.

3. Review of Self-Assessment. I will review the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) and the supporting documentation.

4. Analysis and recommendation. I will provide CGS with a written analysis of the SAR and my recommendations for further action.